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Our Future Goals:

for The Silver Museum

Sterling Silver Coffee Pot
Silver Serving Piece
Silver Pitcher

Moving Forward

The Silver Museum Owner Greg Arbutine plans to continue to move forward with continuing to educate the public about fine and rare antique silver through his Silver Museum both in person physically and virtually through the website, you tube videos and plethora of social media platforms.   He will also continue to buy and sell silver items along the way until if and when he reaches his ultimate goals.

The Silver Museum Future Goals:

  1. We want to find a new permanent home to house the collection.  We are currently displaying the collection only virtually.

  2. We want to receive a government grant of  50 million dollars or similar amount from an angel donor.

  3. We want to build a 20,000 square foot building at a budget of $15,000,000.00 with 15,000 square foot for the collection  2,500 square feet for an educational center and 2,500 square foot for administration and gift shop

  4. We would like to Purchase $25,000,000 of more items for the collection.  Greg wants to display more Paul Revere, Tiffany Mixed Metals, Pieces by Paul Storr and Paul de Lamerie, Gorham Martele and more elaborate historical presentation pieces of silver items.

  5. We want to start an initial endowment of $10,000,000  to guarantee the longevity of the collection.

  6. We want to scout potential locations for the permanent collectionin:   Park City, Salt Lake City, Provo, Denver, Colorado  Springs, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, Washington D.C. or New York.

  7. We would like to develop potential partnerships with already established museums such as in The Smithsonian, The Met, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, etc. etc.   Perhaps an additional Silver Museum Building can be erected on a campus or a dedicated wing added within such an institution.     Greg doesn't want this to be just a temporary exhibit, but a permanent fixture guaranteed in perpetuity.

  8. We want to open a short term corporate head quarters and executive office where we will work on the above goals, do research, do photography and video to support our social media and continue to acquire new pieces for the collection both nationally and occasional from local sellers in the nearby geographic area where the office is located.     #8. Accomplished in late 2023 

There is honestly not a really good all encompassing comprehensive Silver Museum Collection on the planet that exists today.   There are plenty of major museums with a smattering of silver, but no museums that are solely dedicated to this incredible lost art form.   We want to build a place that preserves this medium and its history for generations to come and make the public aware of what a wonderful art form that the silversmithing and manufacturing of sterling silver flatware and holloware  truly is and has been for centuries and millennia.    


Greg Arbutine wants to use his 50 years experience in the antique silver industry as well as his art, design, business skills and technological talents to dedicate his potential last 30+  years of remaining life to see his dream of upscaling The Silver Museum to become a reality.


Can you help us out to achieve our goals of turning The Silver Museum into a true long term legacy project that will be a lasting gift to generations to come?  
If so, contact us at: or at:


Wish us luck!

Greg Arbutine

The Silver Museum Greg Arbutine
The Silver Museum
The Silver Museum Greg Arbutine

Thanks for reading about The Silver Museum's Goals

We hope to have the permanent collection  back on display somewhere soon in the future.Check here for updates.

The Silver Museum
The Silver Museum

Mission Statement

The Silver Museum has been collecting fine antique silver pieces for its collection since 1972.   Its mission is to educate the public about the lost art of silversmithing and silverware production by preserving important, historical and aesthetically beautiful silver items in a comprehensive collection that encompasses key pieces from different eras, origins and prominent silver manufacturers and silversmiths.
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