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Sterling Hollowware

Sell Silver to Us

We are always buying your sterling silver hollowware and flatware.

We primarily would like to buy rare and antique museum quality silver.
However, as a courtesy to our customers we will also buy all silver flatware and hollowware in any condition and it does not have to be rare.

You are welcome to submit an inventory along

with photographs to our buyer.  

We will usually respond back to you with our offers within 48-72 hours.
We believe in honesty, expertise, trustworthiness and reliability.

Contact us today a free quote

We can also arrange to have your merchandise be donated

to The Silver Museum.  Please contact us to find how to

proceed when going this route.

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Sterling Hollowware

We Buy Sterling Silver Flatware

We love to buy antique and museum quality sterling silver flatware. 
 We have purchased hundreds of millions of dollars

of sterling silverware since 1972. 
We buy all manufacturers and in any condition.    

Monograms not a problem.  

Always looking for Tiffany, Buccellati,

Georg Jensen, Gorham, Towle, Wallace, Lunt,

International,  Reed & Barton,  Alvin, Manchester and

many other name brand companies.   

Can be made in the USA or out of the country.


Boxed Sets

We purchase complete Boxed Set of Sterling Silver Flatware. Complete or incomplete we will assess the vlaue based on number of pieces, condition and the resale value of the pattern.  We absolutely love any boxed set that has a fitted wooden case, especially made by Tiffany or Christofle.


Flatware Pieces

We can purchase just one piece or thousands.   We buy sterling silver settings, serving pieces, collectors spoons,  accessory pieces, bulk lots of flatware and more.    We especially like old and unusual antique pieces of silver flatware.

Lion Sterling Silver

Rare Silver

We buy rare collectible and vintage sterling silver flatware and serving pieces.   Tiffany, Gorham Martele, Georg Jensen are other rare makers are ones we especially want to purchase. We want really fine pieces to add to our museum collection.

Boxed Silver Sets

We Buy Sterling Silver Hollowware

We like to buy sterling silver hollowware.   We want all tea & coffee sets, goblets, candlesticks,candelabrums, picture frames, bowls, plates, vases and more.  

We especially like Tiffany, Gorham Martele, Reed & Barton Francis 1st,

Towle Old Master,  Wallace Grande Baroque, Galmer, Kirk Repousse,

Stieff Rose, Gorham Chantilly, Gorham Strasbourg, Gorham Buttercup

and many others.

Can be in any condition.  We use silversmiths to restore

damaged hollowware for resale if worthwhile.

Sterling Hollowware
Christofle Silver
Tiffany Silver

Tiffany Sterling Silver Holloware

Tiffany hollowware is by far our most popular sterling silver desired by our customers.   Some of the better patterns like Audubon, English King, Chrysanthemum and Olympian are ones we can pay big money on typically depending on the type of piece.    

Gorham Silver

Gorham Martele 

Gorham Martele is sterling silver holloware that is hand made silver where a typical piece took 50 hours or longer to produce.  It is highly sought after and we are strong buyers for any of these rare and valuable pieces.   


Repousse Sterling Silver Holloware

Repousse style holloware is still very much in demand.   If you have any Kirk Stieff Repousse Holloware we are happy to make you offers as we have thousands of customers that are looking for these items. 

Epergne Silver Sterling

Don't want to sell, but just just want an insurance appraisal?

We do formal written insurance appraisals

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If you are local to us in Utah, we can meet you at your home, business, bank our at our local buying office to evaluate your silver and then make our offers.  


Otherwise, we can make you an offer by email based on photos and an inventory list that you send us.

Silver Museum Owner Greg Arbutine at his desk evaluating sterling silver flatware and hollowware.  Submit an email today to get your free offer.

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Take a cell phone pic or pics of the items you want to sell.   Type up a short inventory list in email and them submit everything to us for our offer evaluation to you.   We will try our  best to have our competitive and free offer to you within 48-72 hours.   If we agree upon a price we can handle the transaction through the mail and will give you specific instructions on how to walk through that process easily and and assuredly.



If you don't want an offer in advance and want to just send us in a miscellaneous care package lot to us, then click the Sell to us Form button below and print it out the form and then fill in the appropriate information.  
Mail the submission form in along with your items that you want evaluated.

Worst case, we don't get along on price and we just return your items with

little expense out of our pockets on either end.

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We also buy all Silver Bullion
Coins, Bars & Ingots 

We purchase all silver bars, ingots, coins and scrap silver.   
We can pay competitive prices
We are looking to buy U.S. Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leaves, pre 1965 90% U.S. Silver Coinage, all silver bars, all silver ingots, scrap silver jewelry, silver dollars, specialty poured bars, Australian Royal Mint Coins, and natural native silver nuggets and crystalized silver matrixes on quartz. 

If you sell us your sterling silver flatware, then consider bringing along or mailing along with it in  any other silver items that you would like to liquidate for our fair cash offer.

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