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Chasing Silver - The Story of Gorham Silver on PBS

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

On 5-19-22, PBS produced a high caliber video production series of the complete history of The Gorham Silver Company. The video starts with the early 1831 history of it founder Jabez Gorham. You will learn how Gorham transitioned from using 90% silver made from coins into the production of the English standard of 92.5% sterling silver.

The documentary then follows his son John Gorham who took the company into its golden age through the use of steam power and extensive methods of mass production.

Watch this great video that gives the rich history of this illustrious manufacturer of silverware and hollowware.

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Footnote: We have always absolutely loved Gorham

and are very pleased that a documentary of this quality

has finally been produced. Next one they do like this should be on Tiffany & Co. I will be happy to volunteer my time and contribute if more documentaries about silversmiths

and manufacturers are produced.

Greg Arbutine Silver Museum Owner

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31 ביולי 2023
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I watched the video and it was very in depth and informative about Gorham. Thanks for sharing this!

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