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Tiffany Sterling Silver 9 Light Candelabras Pair displayed at The Paris Exposition of Year 1900

This pair of Tiffany Sterling Silver 9 Light Candelabras were displayed at The Paris Exposition of Year 1900. These were designed by Paulding Farnham in the Georgian revival style circa 1897-1898. The candelabras feature applied scrolling acanthus branches with leafy sconces and asparagus stems.

This design was part of a 200+ piece table service produced for the display at the Paris Expositions in 1900. They are monogrammed and dated on the base 1881-1906. These were most likely a 25th Anniversary gift presented in 1906. They weigh 793 troy ounces and measure 31 inches tall.

George Paulding Farnham (1859-1927) was born in New York City. His aunt married Charles T Cook, who assumed presidency of Tiffany after the death of Charles L Tiffany in 1902. Farnham attended Tiffany school and was trained by Edward C Moore and Charles Gosjean. He stayed with Tiffany and eventually became a board member in 1888 and in 1893 was appointed chief designer and head of jewelry later also assuming the role of artistic director of the silver department as well. His flatware designs were similar to jewelry designs, very ornate, elaborate, and in "beaux arts" tradition. He created six full sterling lines for Tiffany during his time, before leaving Tiffany in 1908.

At the time of this article writing on 9-15-23 these magnificent candelabras were available for sale on from The Antique Cupboard for $149,000.00.

If anyone out there would like to purchase these and then donate them to The Silver Museum, we would greatly appreciate it.

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Sep 15, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

These are definitely some of the nicest silver candelabras I have ever learned about!

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